Hello, I'm Chris Lewis and I make music for TV, advertising and other media.

To me, music is more than sound, it's a feeling. It can heighten excitement, reflect sadness, intensify beauty, or simply simmer away as a backdrop. Whether it's epic or subtle, when music is put to picture it should always enhance the viewer's experience.

About me

TV credits include; Location Location Location, Gogglebox, Sunday Brunch, Tattoo Fixers, Tattoo Fixers On Holiday, Body Fixers, Tenable, Naked Attraction, Craft It Yourself.

Advertising credits include; Audi, Nike, KFC, Jose Cuervo, Kettle Chips, Ikea, Scholl, Waitrose, Nescafé, Ford, TUI, Ryanair, MTV.

Clients include; Endemol, Studio Lambert, Sky, Discovery, Major Tom, EMI, BMG, Universal, RDF, IWC, Princess Productions.


Location Location Location 
Sunday Brunch
Tattoo Fixers
Body Fixers
Tattoo Fixers On Holiday
Naked Attraction
Craft It Yourself


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